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EPA Lead Regulation (obeyed as listed below)

EPA Lead Regulation must be followed for all properties built prior to 1978.
Inspectors are traveling to all locations (randomly) to assure all rules are being met and
followed with a heavy penalty fine up to $37,500. if you have not done so already,
please have your property inspected for lead by a specialist.
  • EPA Lead Regulation (obeyed as listed below)
    • 1. Interior containment
      • a. Limit access & post signs
        • ■ Notify residents to stay away from the work area.
        • ■ Do not allow residents or pets near the work area.
        • ■ Do not allow eating, drinking, or smoking in the work area.
        • ■ Post warning signs.
        b. Remove or cover belongings
        • ■ Remove belongings.
        • ■ Cover immovable objects in protective sheeting (furniture, carpet, lamps …)
        • ■ Seal edges & seams.
        c. Cover floors
        • ■ Required:
          • 1) Cover all work area floors with plastic sheeting.
          • 2) Cover floors a min of 6 feet in all directions around the paint being disturbed.
        • ■ Recommended:
          • 1) Lay plastic sheeting in high traffic areas.
          • 2) Take special precautions for carpets.
          • 3) Use a disposable tack pad at the edge of protective sheeting.
          • 4) If using chemical stripper, add 2nd plastic layer.
        d. Close windows, doors, HVAC (depending on what work is to be done)
        • ■ Close all windows in the work area.
        • ■ Close & seal all doors in the work area.
        • ■ Close & seal all HVAC vents in the work area.
        • ■ Turn off the HVAC unit (recommended).
        e. Work area entry doorway; cover work area entry doors w/ 2 layers of protective sheeting.
    • 2. Exterior containment
      • a. Establish the work area
        • ■ Cover the ground with protective sheeting.
          • 1) If space permits, extend a min 10 ft from the work area.
          • 2) Pay special attention & cover nearby vegetable gardens & children's play areas.
        • ■ Limit access, place signs
          • 1) Establish a 20 ft perimeter around the work area if space permits.
        b. Close windows & doors
        • ■ Close all nearby doors & windows that area within 20 ft of the work area.
        • ■ Use 2 layers of plastic sheeting on doors in the work area that are being used during the job.
        c. Extra precautions
        • ■ Extra precautions taken to prevent the spread of dust.
        • ■ Extending work area.
        • ■ Vertical containment.
        • ■ Avoid working in windy conditions, where possible.