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Burnishing (Shiny Area)

An area that shows an unwanted increase in gloss or sheen of the paint film as a result of rubbing, scrubbing, or having an object brush up against it.
  • Use of a flat paint in high-traffic areas, where a higher sheen level would be more durable.
  • Frequent washing and spot cleaning with an abrasive cleaner.
  • Heavy objects (furniture, for example) rubbing against the walls.
  • Use of paint that has a low resistance to scrubbing.
Paint heavy-use areas that require regular cleaning (e.g., doors, window sills, and trim) with a paint that offers both durability and easier cleaning capability. In high-traffic areas, choose a semi-gloss or gloss finish rather than a flat sheen.

To assure maximum washability and durability, wait at least two weeks before washing the dry paint film. When removing stains, dirt, and marks, use a soft cloth or sponge with water or a general-purpose household cleaner. Penetrating stains and marks may be removed either by carefully using an abrasive cleaner and water or by applying a solution of household bleach diluted in water and then rinsing with clean water.