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Peeling - Due to Moisture (Inside)

Loss of adhesion of the paint film caused by high levels of moisture that penetrate the film and eventually push the film away from the substrate.
  • Excessive moisture in a home resulted from cooking, showering, or the use of a humidifier, vaporizer, or hot tub.
  • Excessive moisture in a home due to a high level of humidity in the basement and/or foundation.
Proper ventilation can fix most interior moisture problems. High-moisture areas such as bathrooms with showers should have exhaust fans installed.

Proper ventilation in the walls and/or roof of the home may be necessary. Heavily insulated and sealed homes need a means for moisture to escape, such as roof vents and possibly outside wall vents.

Allowing moisture to escape via open windows is an option.

If high levels of moisture/humidity exist in a basement, the cause of this must be determined and fixed.

Once proper ventilation has been installed, peeling paint should be removed and the underlying surface cleaned and primed. Test the coating in a 6" to 12" radius around any peeled areas to be sure its adhesion is adequate. Follow label and data page directions for proper surface preparation.