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Peeling - Over Hard, Slick Surfaces

Lack of adhesion of a coating causing peeling that exposes the substrate (e.g. the surface that was painted).
Any coating (e.g. primer, paint, or stain) applied to a hard, slick, glossy surface is likely to peel because adhesion is difficult to achieve. The surface offers no profile (minute peaks and valleys caused by sanding the surface) for the coating to adhere to.
Remove all surface contamination by washing with ProClean Professional® Prep Wash Concentrated Cleaner or other appropriate cleaner; rinse thoroughly and allow to dry. Existing peeled or checked paint should be scraped and sanded to a sound surface. Test the coating in a 6" to 12" radius around any peeled areas to be sure the adhesion is adequate. Glossy surfaces should be sanded dull. If the surface is still hard and slick, use PrepRite® Bonding Primer or DTM Bonding Primer to provide adhesion to the surface.