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Roller Marks/Stippling

Unintentional textured pattern left in the paint by the roller.
  • Use of incorrect roller cover.
  • Use of incorrect rolling technique.
Follow label and data page directions for the appropriate roller cover type and nap size. In general:

  • Latex paints use synthetic fiber covers.
  • Alkyd/oil paints use lambs' wool, mohair, or other natural fiber covers.
  • Smooth surfaces: flats and satins use 3/8" covers; semi-gloss and gloss use 1/4" covers.
  • Textured surfaces: (depending on the texture) 1/2", 3/4", or longer.

Quality rollers generally ensure adequate film (e.g., primer or paint) thickness and uniformity.

When using latex paint, predampen roller covers with water and shake out excess water.

Condition the roller by wetting it with the paint for 5 minutes prior to using.

Do not let paint build up at roller ends.

Problem areas should be sanded smooth before repainting.